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Adam is a tremendously effective consulting developer.

We have trusted Adam with the engineering behind some of our highest profile strategic initiatives. He demonstrates thorough expertise in full-stack web development as well as the focus to deliver results as committed.

In my opinion, what sets Adam apart is his way of integrating himself as full team member. He shares a stake in the project’s overall success, not just following requirements – a very important trait that we value greatly!

I had the pleasure of working with Adam and found him to be a well-rounded professional developer who worked closely with management, analysts and other technical team members.

He was able to efficiently review and understand the business requirements to develop and support all stages of the application including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance.

As an active participant of our team he was instrumental in guiding us on key areas including enhanced specifications, scalability, performance monitoring, logging and adhering to best practices for security.

He remained focused on the comprehensive strategy to accommodate our organizations needs while producing the desired results in a cost-conscious manner.

Adam built the system that is currently used to manage student club finances at Brandeis (launched in 2009; it is now 2013), and it is working wonderfully for us. We are very satisfied with the results, and have re-hired him multiple times to refine and expand the functionality of the system as we conceived of ideas for new projects.

Adam has always been highly responsive and effective when fixing bugs, and we have had a fantastic collaborative working relationship on multiple projects. Work has generally completed within our budget and with punctuality.

Adam is thoroughly versed in technical matters and is able to communicate well about them with both technical and non-technical people. As an excellent communicator, he excels in working to understand the client’s project requirements, and can design clever and creative solutions to complex problems.

I would recommend Adam without reservation.

Adam is an outstanding engineer who continuously exceeds the expectations set for his position. He willingly accepts challenging assignments and offers to contribute where ever he can.
Adam has demonstrated excellent programming and analytical skills which are very essential to address the constantly evolving client’s business requirements. The best thing I noticed in him is his insatiable zeal to learn latest technical skills, technology stacks and tools and offer better solutions.

He has my highest recommendations and will be a great addition to any software development team.

Early in 2013 I hired Adam to develop a system which detects abnormal results in our production lots, and reports it to the appropriate people so they can act quickly to address the issue.

The system, which we call “CAS” for “Coto Alert System”, collects data from separate dBase databases and creates one unified SQL Server database.

Our administrators can configure the system to create complex alert triggers. Each alert trigger specifies a condition to monitor, and defines a compound report containing charts and graphs specifically designed to help our engineers pinpoint and solve problems. The system emails these reports automatically when an alert condition is met.

We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the system. The system development was completed on-time and on-budget.

I really appreciate Adam’s ability to quickly understand our requirements, translate them into a system design, and then work independently to get it done.

We plan on engaging Adam next year to continue implementation of additional functionality.
M.T., Director of Engineering, Coto Technology, Inc.

Adam joined our team during the critical time; we have a mission critical product need to deliver to the client within a very tight deliverable schedule. During the last few months, Adam had demonstrated himself as a very knowledgeable person; a quicker learner to the new technologies; a team player; and a hard worker. He always follows the best practices and write very neat codes. He always challenges himself to take on more challenged tasks. He is very willing to help the teammates.

I am so pleased having Adam on our team.